Thank Your Neighbour 2020

Thank Your Neighbour for Neighbour Day 2020!

“Times like this, even though tragic and devastating, bond us together as neighbors.” – Jerry Reed-

One way the APCA is recognizing Neighbour Day this year is by allowing all Applewood residents the opportunity to send out a big THANK-YOU to the awesome people in our neighbourhood who deserve it most!

Did one of your neighbours shovel your walk last winter, help you track down your escape-artist cat or check your mail while you were on vacation? Let them know they are appreciated with a personalized thank you note — hand delivered by your APCA volunteers to your neighbour’s mailbox on Neighbour Day.  Tell us in the box below why your neighbour deserves a big THANK-YOU!

Thank you notes will be delivered by your local APCA volunteers to your neighbour’s mailbox on Neighbour Day, June 20th. The thank you notes will also be shared on our Facebook page (we will blur all names & addresses to protect everyone’s privacy).

Submissions are due Saturday, June 13, 2020 (one week before Neighbour Day).

PS: If you include your name below, we will assume you are giving the APCA permission to include your name on the thank you note so your neighbour knows who you are.

The form is currently closed.